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Name:Yuan Ka-Fai
[[RP journal for Disturbed!Yuan, as played by [personal profile] madonnya]]

Fandom: Tales of Symphonia.
Name: Yuan Ka-fai.
Age: 4000+.
Brief Synopse: Originally, Yuan was born in the city now known as Asgard. Remarkably, despite being a half-elf, he was appointed a high military rank. The Kharlan war between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla had been waging for a thousand years and battles had become a common occurance. Yuan allied himself with Kratos Aurion and the two Yggdrasill siblings; Mithos and Martel. Together, the four struggled to end the war. During this time, they made pacts with Summon Spirits and gained Cruxis Crystals. Also, Yuan proposed to Martel. They succeeded in creating peace, but were unable to save the Great Kharlan Tree. Using his pact with the king of Summon Spirits, Mithos split the world into two. Sadly, as they waited for an opportunity to revitalize the tree, Martel was murdered by a human and Mithos lost his mind. The organization of Cruxis was created, with the leftover Kharlan Heroes at its head. Thus, the Four Seraphim were born. Much later, Yuan started an underground organisation known as the Renegades, which opposed Cruxis.

--Insert in-game happenings here--

Now we come to the reason why this Yuan lost his marbles. After Kratos left on Derris-Kharlan, Yuan was struck with the sudden realization that all his old friends were now gone. Even though Lloyd was there at the moment, that kid would just grow old and die too, along with everyone else around him. He would have to watch over the Kharlan tree and the new world all by himself. That task would keep him busy for all eternity, because he could never die. He’d have to keep wars from breaking out and prevent misuse of magi-technology…

His companions basically left the weight of the entire world on his shoulders. Unable to bear that thought, he just kind of snapped. Disturbed!Yuan believes that the only way to keep the world safe is to get rid of the sinners. He also believes that he, as the last of the Four Seraphim, has the right to dispose of those sinners. Don't match up to his requirements of good little human and he'll try to kill you. It's as simple as that. But he's just trying to make his old companions proud, really.

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hate u all, immortality rules, judgment, kharlan tree, killing sinners, kratos, last seraph, light yagami complex, martel, mithos

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